Press Update re KKL Board Meeting

Arzenu is seeking an emergency injunction to prevent tomorrow’s KKL meeting.

A request for an emergency injunction is being submitted to prevent tomorrow’s JNF hearing regarding the legal acquisition of land in the Judea and Samaria territories.
The request was submitted by 15 directors, the entire center-left bloc from Israel and the Diaspora, of JNF’s Board of Directors.
According to the petitioners, it is not possible to hold the hearing as the directors have not been presented all of the necessary documents touching on the acquisition of land in Judea and Samaria in the past. These include documents that testify to JNF’s serious misconduct that are critical for the purpose of the hearing. The petitioners demand the final copy of the Lamberger Report and the accounting report which accompanied it when examining said failures. The request states that the directors require full information in order to approve land acquisition deals that were made without a previous hearing, and in order to adopt proper policies that will prevent such failures in the future.
Rabbi Lea Mühlstein, chair of the “ARZENU” faction which submitted the request: “Since we had no other choice, we turn now to the court in order to stop the JNF Board of Directors’ hearing on Thursday. The fateful decision before us may harm Israel’s national institutions, Jewish peoplehood, and, in the long run, Israel’s security and the possibility of a two-state solution. The information presented to the directors, pertaining to the manner of purchasing land and the financial conduct around the acquisition, is incomplete and does not allow for a responsible decision. Holding the hearing on Thursday will create a true fear of unacceptable norms in JNF’s decision-making process. Members of the Reform faction, together with our friends in other factions, refuse to cooperate with these attempts to cover-up corrupt behavior.”
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