Making it Happen

Arzenu works within the National Institutions to maximise the political influence of the Reform movement and provide access to the significant funds distributed by the Zionist movement. By selecting the best leaders to represent our movement and training our international leadership, we ensure that our Zionist voice is heard and that our Reform, Progressive and Liberal Jewish values are reflected in the activities of the National Institutions.

World Zionist Congress Elections

Only Israeli citizens get a vote in the Knesset, but all Jews can vote in the elections to the World Zionist Congress.

Our Work in the National Institutions

Based on the number of seats that we hold in the World Zionist Congress, arzenu can appoint representatives to serve in both paid and volunteer roles in the National Institutions.

Our Leadership Programs

A key aspect of arzenu's mission is to train our international leadership with a special focus on young adult leadership and empowerment of women.